"Thank-you for being my piano teacher!  I really look forward to each Wednesday.  Thanks!" a card made by a current student

Benefits of playing the piano~

  "The change in her since she has started piano lessons has been huge. She had been very explosive and inconsolable at times, having great difficulty in self-soothing. We worked really hard to talk about this with her and find her some things that were just hers, that her sister had never done first. One was basketball and the other was piano. She uses the piano at home when she's angry as a way of calming herself down. The funny thing is, she's not banging on it like I would expect her to do when angry. She just goes down to her room and plays it. She also developed this technique herself, I never would have thought that it would be something that would soothe her so well. So, thanks for your patience and we are very grateful for her lessons with you." - From one of my students parent

"We want to thank you for teaching the girls their beginning piano skills.  I literally thrive on the music and am so glad they have a foundation.  You're a great teacher!" - from a parent of 2 of my students